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We are updating our website now...

We have not been updating any news for years and we are going to continue to update it soon.

Recent months there is high volume of password harvesting activities in the Internet and those computer device like smart phone seem to be target and many user lost their security information through download and install software that contain virus - Trojan...

Public Consultation on the Proposed Business Operation of the Do Not Call Registry - See more at:!

Recently there seem to be an increase in spam in due to local SME attempt to open alternative sales channel via so call "eMarketing company".
Some SME IP SMTP port was block by their ISP in due to spam complaint and end up with email problems!

Is yours browser HTML5 compliance? Now you can test it here.

Breaking news from SG MDA regards "Fact Sheet - Online news sites to be placed on a more consistent licensing framework as traditional news platforms".

We just add a new article regards "Why we need to secure our IT system & do server hardening?" in our blog, feel free to read it.

The below is what we share in LinkedIn Survey today:
Majority of the peoples do have some influence on people around them, but not the world.
To influence the world, you need great investment to reach out to the world first.
Do what you know best and the best you can.

We are currently promoting our cPanel hosting in social media as below: 

Details for the promotion:

  1. This is a monthly package with no contract.
  2. Make annually to get further discount.
  3. This package Inclusive of:
    1. 1GB disk space share between web & email services.
    2. A cPanel control panel to manage their services.
  4. Our T&C is bound with Singapore Regulation.
  5. Our house rule strictly no spam.
  6. We can provide additional services with additional cost, if needed:
    1. hosting migration.
    2. domain registration.
    3. SSL w dedicated IP.
    4. Install CMS / CRM / Blog application software.
    5. Customize template for application software look and feel.
    6. Integrate social link to application software to attract traffic.
    7. Facebook ads to promote yours website awareness.
    8. Google Adword to search for yours products and services.
    9. Package customize to include Windows website.
Virtual Private Server (VPS) offer
We are offering a managed VPS in a cloud base, with this you can forget about server hardware problems and be more focus on yours corporate content that will bring value to yours company. 
We provide Hosting as a Service:
-VM Hosting
-Cloud Instance Hosting
-cPanel Web & Email Hosting
-Windows Web & Email Hosting
-Integrated Office365 Web Hosting
-Facebook apps Integration Hosting
-CRM, CMS, Blog & Online Store Hosting.
Any enquiry, please contact us via our contact form. Thanks 

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